ICT Platform for Online Learning and Experiences Accreditation in the Mobility Programme



The objective in this project is to enrich the existing EuroPASS service (at least for the participating universities and their related exchange programmes in a first step – University of Valladolid, Budapest University of Economics, Technical University of Vienna, Cork Institute of Technology) by offering online accredited courses and online skills accreditation for a specific set of teaching modules and skills, with the certificates being accepted at the universities and also by industrial bodies.


In a previous Minerva project EPI we integrated skills assessment portals with learning management systems and online collaborative training development environments. The system can be configured with content following skills definition standards and Bologna conform training modules to establish an online university.
A strategic programme of the Universities elaborated a so called “Experience Works Programme” , the handbook of which is attached to the proposal. This programme, by using the EPI system, will be made available as an online university and accreditation service to all student exchanges of the above universities (involving altogether some 1000 students).

Expected results

  • The key skills units (modules) offered for accreditation within the system (based on the strategic “Experience Works Programme”) will be : setting objectives, career planning, giving and receiving feedback, working in a team, learning styles.
  • We expect that from the 1000 student exchanges directly addressed by the partnership about 200 will use this opportunity to receive an additional certificate in specific skills.
  • An online portal system will be established as a trans-national university service integrating skills self assessment, learning guidance, formal skills assessment and accreditation, and an e-learning portal with a set of learning modules.

Co-ordinating organisation

DEIS - Cork Institute of Technology is one of Ireland's major higher education institutions with total enrolments (full-time and part-time) of almost 13,000 students. Its courses span five main fields: Science, Business, Engineering, Art and Music. The qualifications awarded vary from Post-graduate Doctorates, to Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates, as well as thriving and internationally recognised trade craft courses. In addition to its comprehensive full-time programmes, CIT has a varied part-time and evening programme - one of the largest in Ireland. Research and Development and services to industry are a significant part of CIT's work. DEIS is a strategic unit within CIT who have managed or participated in above 25 EU projects in the last 10 years elaborating innovative concepts for education (also with an advisory function to the ministry).

Contact details

Gearoid O’Suilleabhain, DEIS-CIT,

Co-beneficiary organisations

DANUBE manages the pool of student exchanges for the Vienna universities and coordinates the LEO-Net programme (Europe wide experience network of mobility organisations). FGUVA from Valladolid Universty manages currently the largest Spanish student mobility programmes with more than 500 students involved. Budapest University of Economics (BUESPA) in Hungary plays a central role in Hungary for placements through a technology transfer centre managed by BUESPA. ISCN together with CIT (Cork institute of Technology) developed in a previous project CREDIT (FP4, MM 1032 , 1998 – 2001) a skills assessment portal system which offers, assessment, guidance, and learning portfolio establishment online. ISCN, CIT, and FGUVA in a Minerva project EPI developed a system integrating the CREDIT skills assessment portal with e-learning portals. And CIT and FGUVA participated in a former Minerva project RAMIE where 13 tools for assessment of learning had been evaluated.