epi Socrates Minerva project

MINERVA - Information and communication technologies in education


The EPI Project envisages a new way to support partnerships between traditional Higher Education and Industry through the use of new technologies to facilitate a whole range of activities beginning with the mutual design and development of web-based and going right through to their implementation and ongoing evaluation. Experts from particular industries will be supported in articulating the skills and competencies of a competent worker in the workplace within a formal Higher Education qualification framework supported by a web-based platform which transparently maps activities, skills etc. into a hierarchical schema which builds ultimately into a syllabus and curriculum for a new, formally accredited course. The same structure and technology is later used “in reverse” to support an ongoing assessment of the learner’s formal, informal and nonformal learning in a way similar to existing methodologies for portfolio assessment. The platform will also support mutual course and content development. The validated methodologies emerging from the project will use existing technologies common to the often mutually-exclusive worlds of traditional Higher Education institutes and Business/Industry to foster new partnerships to the benefits of all stakeholders in the learning process.